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Rune Art


Rune Art Event 01

Art Moures | May 05 2022

The Artist, Klaus Rune, creates a brand new art experience the 5th of May 2022 in Montpellier. Hosted by the Domaine des Moures, this event allows art collectors to experience unique and never seen artistic creations!

A new art experience

Art Moures | 05 May 2022

The artist, Klaus Rune, performs in public accompanied by a classical music orchestra. This unique concept is a subtle marriage between music, the human body and the artist. The artist is known for his active engagement, wanting each observer to be immersed within colour, music and mouvements experiencing wholly its effects. He aims to communicate to his spectator that colour is a palpable character, a personality!

The artist and his team thank all their partners and invite you to review this amazing event here.

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