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Klaus Rune

The Artist

Klaus Rune

Klaus Rune is born in Denmark. This little country in the northern part of Europe, where it usually rains cats and dogs, in winter the sun sets at 4 p.m. and the tax rate is one of the highest in the world. It doesn’t invite for creativity. However, for several years, Denmark has been at the top of the ranking of the happiest and most creative country in the world.

After a communication diploma in Denmark he became owner and manager of a communication agency for 10 years. He has lived in France for 20 years. He is a writer, artist, speaker and winemaker. His inspiration comes from his culture, his life experience, his multiple trips and meetings with cultural personalities.

Klaus Rune aims showing us that sometimes it’s possible to represent the inherent intricacy and complexity of an idea with very few elements.
According to him, evocative power remains important.

His art truly is an exploration of space, time, and human existence illustrated by circles. The circle being a common space of exploration for humanity. Humanity is in the center of art, reflection, and the world. But in the circle, there is also the notion of movement and time.

His inspiration also comes from the discovery of the black holes in space. The discovery of black holes is one of the intellectual adventures of modern times. The most amazing properties are those concerning the distortion of time around a black hole.

Klaus Rune’s art embodies his belief in the power of time, humanity and space.

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